Mercedes-Benz Service Agreement

Playing it safe right from the start

Whether you own a single Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle or a whole fleet, the Mercedes-Benz ServiceContract protects you against unscheduled maintenance costs and unexpected repairs. This enables you to plan for the long term and focus fully on your core business and associated challenges.

Configure your ServiceContract according to attractive contract conditions aligned with your requirements. A Mercedes-Benz ServiceContract delivers a personal and financial assurance: you pay a low monthly amount based on vehicle model, contract period and vehicle mileage.*

The ServiceContract is attractive in terms of cost and value retention for your vehicle. Whether you drive it for many years or want to sell it, you can always rely on Mercedes-Benz quality. All work procedures covered by your service package are carried out by specialists in our authorised dealerships and using premium-quality Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.


  • Service Complete

* In accordance with Mercedes-Benz ServiceContract terms and conditions.