You and FleetBoard. Economy².

You are on the road constantly and come up against challenges on a daily basis. FleetBoard helps you to master those challenges. With efficient solutions permanently to hand.

  • The DispoPilot - enabling fast communication with HQ. The touchscreen device with colour display can be removed from its fixture and contains a barcode scanner for recording packaged items. Other features include a digital signature function and direct communication with HQ using an order form and free format text capability.
  • FleetBoard Time Management - giving exact measurement of driving time and rest periods. Just insert the driver card and off you go! FleetBoard Time Management documents your working time precisely. Using the digital tachograph and FleetBoard Tacho Management, your driver card and the data memory for the vehicle can be read and archived remotely. The driver is identified via the inserted FleetBoard driver card or the DTCO driver card.
  • The – getting you safely to your destination. The recently released built-in end device for the cab has a touchscreen. Just as with the, it holds the latest navigation software specifically for trucks, and other functions such as a Lane Keeping Assistant and a route planning function to take account of hazardous goods transportation.
  • FleetBoard Reports – the overview of your driving performance. Based on data relating to fuel consumption and wear-and-tear, measures to improve your driving performance are suggested. Thanks to FleetBoard Benchmark you will be up there, not just with the best in your fleet, but with the best of the competition.
  • ProfiTraining – training by professionals for professionals: why not receive training from Mercedes-Benz professional trainers on how to improve your driving performance. You’ll find more information on the Mercedes-Benz driver training web page (