The bodybuilder portal

What will I find there?

You will find more than 1.1 million items of information, 2D drawings and 3D data relating to more than 25,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles, available round the clock and around the world. In addition, there are many applications and hints and tips to speed up your order processing or product marketing.

Along with the information, the portal provides the opportunity for you to give your business and contact data to our sales organisation and thereby to profit from one of our many collaboration models. The three central work areas "Information", "Collaboration" and "My portal" are available to help you with your daily work. Here is a little more information on them.

Information: everything on tap

What vehicle data do you need? You’ll find a huge range of information here. With its new design and intuitive user guidance, you will access the information you require extremely quickly.

Collaboration: a success story

Offering, retrieving and using information. This area forms the living platform for our common activities. Both partners make content and topics available here - and both benefit from them.

My portal: completely individual

This area is for you to set up the bodybuilder portal to suit your requirements. You select the content or news, and the filters for them, that you prefer for fast access.