The new class of services.

A range of tailored services.

We believe that service above all means actively helping you to reach your daily targets in long-distance transport. Throughout Europe. Around the clock And particularly cost-effective. In concrete terms, this means offering a range of options, such as our dense pan-European network of workshops and efficient parts logistics, as well as the successful Mercedes-Benz Service24h and TeleDiagnosis*. We also provide the telematics solution FleetBoard®, our mobility service Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, and attractive leasing, financing and insurance solutions from Mercedes-Benz Bank. These service modules can be aligned with the requirements of your vehicle fleet to ensure maximum profitability. Other popular services include the MercedesServiceCard and the Mercedes-Benz ProTraining professional training courses, which promote a fuel-saving, economical and safe driving style.

* Mercedes-Benz Telediagnosis free of charge in conjunction with a FleetBoard framework agreement

Advice, test drives, buying a used vehicle.

At our Application Information Centre in Wörth, you have the opportunity to get in-depth advice, learn about our comprehensive range of services, and test drive and compare some 180 fully assembled vehicles. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks expands the wide range of the new Antos with tailor-made vehicle conversions. And in TruckStore, the partner of Mercedes-Benz for used vehicles, you have another powerful member of our service provider family at your disposal that meets highest expectations. An ambition also satisfied by every aspect of the extensive accessories programme for the new Antos. As you can see: we pull out all the stops to ensure that you feel really comfortable in your new Antos; stay on the road in it; and that it makes a continuous and conspicuous contribution to the profitability of your operations.