Safety - at the heart of all our thinking

    The integral safety concept from Mercedes-Benz divides vehicle safety into four phases:

    Phase 1: safe driving

    Phase 2: in critical situations

    Phase 3: in an accident

    Phase 4: after an accident

    To prevent further damage/injury following an accident, and to assist in rescuing the occupants, various measures can be initiated, depending on the nature of the accident and severity of impact:

    • The best possible protection: the engine can be switched off automatically and the fuel supply can be cut off.
    • Conspicuous lighting: the hazard warning lamps can be activated automatically in order to prevent subsequent accidents and make it easier to find the accident vehicle.
    • Accessibility from the outside: the doors can be automatically unlocked. Additionally, integral crash joints between the wing and the door can make opening the doors after a frontal collision easier.

    [1] Part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus.



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