Safety - at the heart of all our thinking

    The Integral Safety Concept from Mercedes-Benz divides vehicle safety into four phases:

    Phase 1: safe driving

    Phase 2: in critical situations

    Phase 3: in an accident

    Phase 4: after an accident

    To reduce consequential damage after an accident and support the work of the rescue services, a number of different actions are initiated, depending on the type and severity of the impact registered by the system:

    • Best possible protection: the engine can be turned off automatically and the fuel supply can be cut off.
    • Eye-catching lighting: hazard and emergency interior lights can activate automatically to lower the risk of accidents and help locate the car.
    • Automatic ventilation: if an airbag is deployed, the power windows are lowered automatically.
    • Easy opening: The doors can be unlocked automatically after an accident. This makes it significantly easier for occupants and helpers to open the doors.
    • Measures to aid rescue: integral crash joints between the wing and the door can make opening the doors after a frontal collision easier.
    • Helpful connection: In the event of an accident the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system can help to speed up the arrival of the rescuers at the accident scene decisively. The data is transferred via a mobile connection provided by a communications module with its own SIM card. The emergency call is therefore independent of the operational readiness of a mobile phone that might have been damaged or whose battery may be discharged.

    [1] Requirement: an active Internet connection.

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