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Drivers and their vehicles captured in some unexpected settings – the 2011 commercial vehicle calendar.

The 2011 "Generations" commercial vehicle calendar

"When I grow up, I want to be a hero of the road" – this is still the hope of many young boys and girls today. This year's calendar therefore not only profiles proud parents, who as drivers give it their all on a daily basis to make the impossible possible, but also their children who are already dreaming of setting out on the road when they grow up. Photographer Martin Schöller has captured the emotions of these two generations in twelve authentic black-and-white images: the irrepressible pride of the parents, and the admiration of the children. And also the joint fascination for the commercial vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, which can be relied on from day to day, month to month and generation to generation.

Enjoy a calendar packed full of strong role models and ambitious dreams to both guide and inspire you throughout 2011. You can order the calendar at for 25 euros plus postage charges.

Commercial vehicle calendar in screensaver format

As last year, the 2011 commercial vehicle calendar is also available in screensaver format. It displays all twelve black-and-white images as a slide show, but can also be set to permanently show the current image for the month, or even just your favourite image. Apart from the conventional function of protecting the screen, the PC version of the 2011 commercial vehicle calendar features an appointment calendar function. It can be used to record, edit and display private or work-related appointments. The screensaver can be launched manually via a commercial vehicle calendar icon on the desktop in order to access the appointment-calendar view. You can then access the appointment itself by clicking on the desired day in the week or month view.

How to install the screensaver:

PC: double-click on the EXE file which you have downloaded as a ZIP file to launch a Wizard that will guide you through the installation step by step. After successful installation the screensaver is active.
Mac: download file, double-click the icon and then follow instructions. The screensaver is activated automatically.